MoU/MG announces SI-PoC Project

22 May 2014 — Key stakeholders in the MoU/MG recognize that the customer requirement for information standards demands interoperability at the level of business processes, so that the relevant information can be consumed by different applications without intervention by the end user.

Significant components of this information are common across many business processes, so a common definition of such components to which systems can comply or map offers obvious benefits.

Recognizing the various ongoing activities that are already providing solution components, ...

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PoC on SI present final results to MoU/MG

05 May 2015 — Mr. Klaus-Dieter Naujok, project leader of the MoU/MG PoC project on semantic interoperability, presented during the 34th MoU/MG meeting the final three documents requested:

  • The Business Terminology Repository (BTR) – A Technical Overview
  • The Business Terminology Repository (BTR) – A marketing document
  • Implementation Guide for Business Terminology Repository (BTR) – Draft

The meeting agreed that the MoU/MG should review the three BTR document and provide feedback by end of June 2015 in order for possible further action by the PoC ...

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