About Illumonus™

Illumonus™ is a client-oriented strategy and technology solution provider dedicated to providing expertise and objectivity to organizations engaged in implementing semantically inter-operable eBusiness solutions. We partner with our clients to deliver customized solutions that resolve their issues and create lasting competitive advantage. We look beyond standard solutions to develop new insights, mobilize organizations, drive tangible results, and make companies more capable. Our value is measured by the utility of our work: we help move people to action.

At Illumonus™ we are dedicated to bringing the most capable, creative, and experienced talent to bear on an issue. Our team of individuals includes active and long-time innovators in multiple national and global eBusiness and information technology products and services. We have extensive experience in how eBusiness works and the information technologies and “standards” that support the various vertical industry segments. We use rigorous methods to improve business operations and minimize the risk of decision-making. We also understand that strategic planning and product development in both public and private sectors is required to achieve the greatest value for its users.

Our passion, to serve and help, make a difference that sets us apart. Clarity—Simplicity—Interoperability, that is our calling.