Chief Executive Officer

Klaus-Dieter Naujok

Klaus-Dieter Naujok

Klaus-Dieter Naujok has been a successful CEO, CSO, CTO, EVP and Director/Standards and Technology in the computer software industries. He was the Chairman of ebXML, a joint international initiative between UN/CEFACT (Center for Electronic Business and Trade) and OASIS, created to develop standard methodologies and frameworks for the development of fully interoperable XML technology.

Currently he serves as the chair of ISO/TC 154 (International Organization for Standardization – Technical Committee for Processes, data elements and documents in commerce, industry and administration). He also is the Convenor for ISO/TC 154/JWG 1 (Joint Working Group for EDIFACT Syntax) and ISO/TC 154/WG 5 (Representation of Dates and Times).

He also led the ISO/IEC/ITU/UNECE MoU/MG “Proof of Concept” project to address the Semantic Interoperability problem amongst eBusiness Directories and Libraries. This very successful project explored the potential to augment existing domain-specific e-Business standards with a common layer of shared semantics, and to provide links between that shared semantic view and more specialized, domain-specific views of the data.

Recently he served as President for Global e-Business Advisory Council (Ge-BAC). As the founder he was responsible for the company’s vision and strategy, and the technology aspects of the business plan.

Other recent positions were: Chief Technology Officer of AXATA (2002-2003); Chief Scientific Officer of IONA Technologies (2001-2002); CTO of NetFish (2000-2001); EVP/Emerging Standards and Technologies of NextERA Interactive (2000); Director, Standards and Technologies of Harbinger (1990-2000).

He also held until recently the position of Chairman of UN/CEFACT’s Techniques & Methodologies Group (TMG). He has held numerous leadership roles in the International Standards arena for the past thirty years. These include being the Chairman of ebXML, co-chair of the EDIFACT Technical Assessment Group, vice-chair of X12’s Technical Assessment Committee, and chair of X12’s Liaison Task Group. A number of awards include DISA’s Ed Gilbert Professional Award. In 2005 he was also named Member Emeritus by the X12 Steering Committee in appreciation of his contributions.