Chief Operating Officer

Ray Walker

Ray Walker

Ray Walker has spent his entire career in the field of international trade.

After majoring in international economics at the University of Lancaster, he joined a leading UK textile group and at the age of 30 became the Joint Managing Director of its export division. He was responsible for global logistics, the associated procedures & documentation, and the group’s currency management.

Subsequently he became the International Director of the group’s most successful product division which had a major branded product with a world renowned designer as part of the team. He was responsible for worldwide sales, sourcing, and licensing agreements.

After 14 years in the textile industry he was appointed the Chief Executive of SITPRO, the UK government agency for Trade Facilitation. Working closely with its directors, he sharply accelerated their work on standards in the then emerging technology of EDI (Today’s eBusiness). SITPRO made a very significant input to the development of the core syntax standards at UK, European and UN level, and also became a global supplier of software to support these standards.

Following 13 years at SITPRO, he was appointed Special Advisor on eBusiness to the UK Department of Trade & Industry (DTI) and has also advised a number of governments in Asia on the development of their eBusiness strategy.

:In addition to his responsibilities at SITPRO, and the DTI, he was elected by the UNECE to organize a number of worldwide standard initiatives in eBusiness including UN/EDIFACT and XML. He was the first Western European EDIFACT Rapporteur, a Chairman of the UN’s EDI committee, a senior Vice Chairman of UN/CEFACT and Chairman of its Steering Group, an unparalleled contribution spanning over 20 years.

In recognition of this contribution to the development of international trade, Her Majesty the Queen has made him an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE).