Director for Content Assembly Services

David Webber

David RR Webber

As an accomplished technologist David Webber brings over 25 years of experience developing technical solutions for government and commercial customers in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. David is particularly results oriented with emphasis on understanding the business requirements and translating those into attainable technology solutions and goals.

As Director for Content Assembly Services he leads the work on the open source CAM Editor toolset that utilizes the Content Assembly Mechanism (CAM) standard specification published by OASIS.

From its humble beginnings in 2005 until now the CAM Editor provides a mature full suite of capabilities to support information exchange standards utilization and their development and maintenance. The CAM Editor is the leading open source toolkit for XML with over 250,000 downloads worldwide from 207 countries. In addition the CAM work is sponsored by Oracle including the addition of core SQL database support within the toolset.

The latest release of the CAM Editor now also provides low code user forms generation and integration with BPM tools to provide complete end-to-end business application delivery using web, mobile and cloud components. This can dramatically accelerate solutions delivery from months to weeks.

Combining the Illumonus’ Lingumatic™ service with the CAM Editor delivers the Illumonus Content Assembly Services.

An acknowledged authority on XML, SQL and BPM technologies and knowledge/rules representation David holds two US patents on advanced information transformation and processing. David is actively involved in open public standards development and participant on a range of e-Business related committees. David is an invited industry expert since 2010 on the US Government NTAC – the Technical Architecture Committee for the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM).

Widely published on e-Business matters he co-authored the New Riders book ebXML – The New Global Standard for executives and managers in 2001. David also has contributed deeply to the development of information exchange standards, initially with EDI, then XML and now JSON. For his contributions to industry David has been recognized as an ACM Senior Member since 2007. David holds a degree in Physics with Computing from the University of Kent and now resides in the Washington DC area.