Director for European Operations

Rémy Marchand


Rémy Marchand, a graduate of the University of Grenoble, in France is a senior computer scientist with deep knowledge and experience of systems of inter-organizational electronic exchanges.

He began his career at the French National Statistical Institute where he was responsible for the management of large scale electronic exchanges between the Institute and companies and individuals. Later as Technical Advisor to the Director of Social Security, he was responsible for the alignment of the information systems of many government social benefit agencies with those of the National Institute for Statistics and Economic Research (INSEE) which resulted in significant administrative simplification.

He served as Manager of Information Systems for Foreign Trade (Economic Missions, Directorate of Foreign Trade of the Ministry of Finance), overseeing the installation of the first system of electronic exchanges and messaging between embassies (commercial services), the Ministry of Finance and Ubifrance.

Following his nomination by the Georges Pompidou European Hospital, he was awarded the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations by the Prime Minister.

He led the team of experts that has set the standard for electronic exchange management systems in the aviation industry (BoostAero), registered with the United Nations (UNCEFACT). He has worked in the technical support programs of the government projects that manage the supply chain of the aviation industry, the components industry, electronic public procurement, etc.

He was the co-author of the book “EDI to XML – Electronic Commerce and Internet Administration” and an editor in the recent “New trends in Intelligent Transport Systems”

His current activities are devoted:

  • The development of electronic trading systems for intelligent transportation (geolocation, optimodality, internet objects etc.) In connection with various projects financed by the European Union as iCargo and Miele.
  • Interoperability of public Programme Sectorial Centralisé PSCs (customs and other administrations such as those responsible for health checks) and private (transport and logistics) for cross-border management of supply chains. He is an expert for the World Bank and the United Nations (UNCEFACT).
  • The development of electronic exchanges between the countries bordering the Mediterranean. The goal of this project, with the support of various institutions (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Chambers of Commerce and Industry, logistics associations), is to lay the foundations of an agreement establishing an Alliance for the electronic commerce between these countries.