What our value proposition means to you—the client

Illumonus is a client focussed, and an agreed mission-driven company. When you choose Illumonus to partner with your organisation you will be working with a team of professionals who have world class knowledge of data concepts and their definitions, of the various standards -and standard bodies – that lie behind them, of the tools that can be used to assemble that data into content, and of the syntax and the applications that can be used to most efficiently exchange that content with your business partner. We will not offer you proprietary solutions, or standards based solutions which have not been successfully proven in the field, and neither we will recommend standards which have been developed by organisations who currently do not have an open, transparent, governance.

Our focus is on providing knowledge, insights, skills, and support to our clients. We appreciate that our clients must respond to rapidly changing marketplace pressures, frequently with limited resources. The talented Illumonus staff, the methods and models we employ, and the processes and approaches we recommend all focus on one goal: compelling work of immediate, enduring value to our clients. We help you meet customer expectations by providing smarter choices and faster responses. We help you maintain control of those things that matter to you, like ownership of information, knowledge, and relationships, while providing you the flexibility for others to worry about transaction exchange. We allow you to treat partners as partners by providing an environment for establishing long-term relationships and broadly shared information. And, we provide the means for enhancing customer service and order placement/processing.

The value to you—Sustainable Relationships and Competitive Advantages.