PoC on SI present final results to MoU/MG

05 May 2015 — Mr. Klaus-Dieter Naujok, project leader of the MoU/MG PoC project on semantic interoperability, presented during the 34th MoU/MG meeting the final three documents requested:

  • The Business Terminology Repository (BTR) – A Technical Overview
  • The Business Terminology Repository (BTR) – A marketing document
  • Implementation Guide for Business Terminology Repository (BTR) – Draft

The meeting agreed that the MoU/MG should review the three BTR document and provide feedback by end of June 2015 in order for possible further action by the PoC ...

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MoU/MG addresses Semantic Interoperability Project

01 April 2014 — At the 32st MoU/MG Meeting Illumonus members expressed concern that the use of semantic harmonization since it is only at the data level, and instead the MoU/MG should concentrate at the business level dealing with semantic interoperability. It was also pointed out that the activity of semantic interoperability was actually started 25 years ago, called the “”Basic Semantic Repository (BSR)””, and that now newer technologies and the changing climate should give an opportunity for renewed progress ...

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MoU/MG holds Town-hall Meeting on Semantic Interoperability

27 February 2014 — Illumonus experts, Dr. François Vuilleumier and Mr. Klaus-Dieter Naujok participated at this special e-Meeting to address how to achieve semantic interoperability amongst the various eBusiness standards.

The meeting concluded that a federated MoU/MG project should be set up for the development of a harmonized controlled vocabulary. The project should address:

  • Governance and operation of the vocabulary, in a web-enabled syntax neutral environment.
  • The processes for discovering concepts and reusing them to foster interoperability.
  • The process for defining and agreeing extensions ...
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Open Letter to the Secretary General World Customs Organization

Dear Secretary General Mikuriya

The WCO Data Model – The Need for a Change in Policy

I write this open letter on behalf of my company, Illumonus LLC, and also on behalf of many others software companies (global and niche), traders, standards experts and, informally, members of customs authorities who have expressed serious concerns to me or to my colleagues concerning the WCO’s current highly restrictive policy regarding the dissemination and potential use of the WCO Data Model.

I also write ...

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