ISO/TC154 Chair Appointment

SAN FRANCISCO 22 June 2011 – Today ISO’s Technical Management Board (TMB) appointed Illumous’ CEO, Klaus-Dieter Naujok, as the new ISO/TC 154 “Processes, data elements and documents in commerce, industry and administration” chairperson.

Mr. Maujok’s rationale for accepting the DIN nomination for ISO/TC 154 chair position were the following:

“Primarily the support from a number of TC154 colleagues and their confidence in him that he agreed pursue this position of trust.”

Aligned to this is Mr. Naujok’s belief in and commitment to open standards and processes. He first got involved in the work of TC 154 in 1989 as a member of the Joint TDED (ISO IS 7372) Directory Reference Group (DRG) and as a member in the Data Element Co-ordination Group. Over the next fifteen years he actively participated in a number of other TC 154 standards developments, such as the EDIFACT Syntax (ISO 9735) and Representation of dates and times (ISO 8601). Mr. Naujok also had the pleasure to chair the ebXML work that was adopted by TC 154 as technical specifications (ISO TS 15000).

From 1991 to 2000 Mr. Naujok served as the UNECE Standards Liaison Rapporteur working closely with the ISO Central Secretariat and participating in the Basic Semantic Repository (BSR) project, SC14 – Data Representation and JTC1/WG3 – Open-edi.

In 2004 he retired from active standards participation, except for ISO TC154/JSWG (now JWG 1), in order to focus my energies on developing commercial opportunities through founding and directing Illumonus LLC. Standards though have continued to lead throughout Illumonus work; actively promoting and utilizing standards for the eBusiness/eCommerce arena. This is a natural focus for Illumonus products and services offerings, given the target markets and customer communities with information exchange needs both domestically and internationally.

Mr. Naujok hopes as TC154 chair to facilitate the standards work to ensure that the current programme tasks are completed on schedule. In addition, together with the TC 154 secretariat, he will actively promote the work of TC154, showing current and future users that these standards and technical specifications are relevant to their business and industry needs and offer many benefits and return on their adoption investments