MoU/MG addresses Semantic Interoperability Project

01 April 2014 — At the 32st MoU/MG Meeting Illumonus members expressed concern that the use of semantic harmonization since it is only at the data level, and instead the MoU/MG should concentrate at the business level dealing with semantic interoperability. It was also pointed out that the activity of semantic interoperability was actually started 25 years ago, called the “”Basic Semantic Repository (BSR)””, and that now newer technologies and the changing climate should give an opportunity for renewed progress in this area.

The meeting concluded with an initial proposal for a federated project on semantic interoperability to be developed with interest from many of the participating organizations in preparing a controlled vocabulary which could be used as the basis for bridging between different semantic models, independent of the underlying technologies and syntactic representations.

A new conference call on semantic interoperability was scheduled for Wed 21 May 2014 where the comments (by end of April) on the draft project proposal would be dealt with. A call for experts should be made to ISO TCs, JTC 1, and other organizations of the MoU/MG to participate in the conference call.