MoU/MG announces SI-PoC Project

22 May 2014 — Key stakeholders in the MoU/MG recognize that the customer requirement for information standards demands interoperability at the level of business processes, so that the relevant information can be consumed by different applications without intervention by the end user.

Significant components of this information are common across many business processes, so a common definition of such components to which systems can comply or map offers obvious benefits.

Recognizing the various ongoing activities that are already providing solution components, it is therefore proposed that a federated MoU/MG project should be set up for the development of a harmonized controlled vocabulary to act as the focus for such interoperability.

Participation in the project will be open to any MoU/MG member organization. This shall include groups responsible for defining and maintaining existing vocabulary repositories, and groups responsible for using them.

Since Illumonus members are actively participating within ISO/TC 154, it is their intent to play a major role because of their leadership in past semantic interoperability projects.