MoU/MG holds Town-hall Meeting on Semantic Interoperability

27 February 2014 — Illumonus experts, Dr. François Vuilleumier and Mr. Klaus-Dieter Naujok participated at this special e-Meeting to address how to achieve semantic interoperability amongst the various eBusiness standards.

The meeting concluded that a federated MoU/MG project should be set up for the development of a harmonized controlled vocabulary. The project should address:

  • Governance and operation of the vocabulary, in a web-enabled syntax neutral environment.
  • The processes for discovering concepts and reusing them to foster interoperability.
  • The process for defining and agreeing extensions to the vocabulary.
  • Support for multiple representations and syntaxes.
  • Support for multiple languages.
  • Implementation support tools, including mapping between native data in applications and the vocabulary.
  • Use of tools such as SKOS and RDF.
  • Deployment of the vocabulary – Publicly Available Free of Charge.

These requirements are already being met by Illumonus’ LinguMatic Services. Illumonus will be continue to participate in this work offering its knowledge gained during earlier participation in such work as the Basic Semantic Repository and Business Object Library.