MoU/MG renews call for review of the PoC on SI final results

03 December 2015 — Mr Klaus-Dieter Naujok, project leader of the MoU/MG PoC project on semantic interoperability reported, during the 35th MoU/MG meeting, that because a clerical error, resulting in the non-reporting of the MoU/MG action item to review the three BTR documents. no feedback was received resulting in the project team being in hibernation awaiting further instructions.

It was agreed to be important to bring the PoC project to a clear point of closure as part of the transition to a BTR project involving those stakeholders committed to participation and resourcing. Some members requested more time for review, and thus, the MoU/MG approved new Resolution R15/05:

MoU/MG invites its members to review and comment on the three BTR documents presented by the PoC team and to identify the resources that they could make available to the proposed project and its infrastructure, by the end of February 2016.

Further, the MoU/MG invites the resulting stakeholders to take over the project and identify a lead organization, to host the project.