International Organizations, Transparency and Standards

22 July 2016 – Increasingly, and with good reason, we demand transparency in all walks of life such as our political, commercial, professional sectors (including our professional sports persons) but, above all, from our governments and the international governmental bodies that they support.

It is therefore disturbing to observe a less than transparent approach being adopted in a number of inter-governmental organizations that have a ...

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ISO/TC 154 initiates New Work Item Proposal for the BST

17 July 2016 — ISO/TC 154 was a major participant and contributor to the ISO/IEC/ITU/UNECE MoU/MG PoC on Semantic Interoperability (PoC-SI) project. As the creators of the original ISO/TS 16668:2000 – Basic Semantics Register (BSR), ISO/TC 154 members offered their past experience which resulted in the successful completion of the PoC-SI project.

Because ISO/TC 154 members do not want to see the rules and guideline, they helped develop during the PoC-SI project, being forgotten, they initiated a new work item within ...

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MoU/MG announces completion of PoC on SI project

02 June 2016 — The MoU/MG (MoU on electronic business between IEC, ISO, ITU, and UNECE Management Group) during its 36th Meeting announces that the MoU/MG Proof-of-Concept project on semantic interoperability was formally closed. This was the result of the completion of the action, for members to review and comment on the three BTR documents presented by the PoC team and to identify the resources that they could make available to the proposed project and its infrastructure, from the December ...

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MoU/MG renews call for review of the PoC on SI final results

03 December 2015 — Mr Klaus-Dieter Naujok, project leader of the MoU/MG PoC project on semantic interoperability reported, during the 35th MoU/MG meeting, that because a clerical error, resulting in the non-reporting of the MoU/MG action item to review the three BTR documents. no feedback was received resulting in the project team being in hibernation awaiting further instructions.

It was agreed to be important to bring the PoC project to a clear point of closure as part of the transition to ...

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PoC on SI present final results to MoU/MG

05 May 2015 — Mr. Klaus-Dieter Naujok, project leader of the MoU/MG PoC project on semantic interoperability, presented during the 34th MoU/MG meeting the final three documents requested:

  • The Business Terminology Repository (BTR) – A Technical Overview
  • The Business Terminology Repository (BTR) – A marketing document
  • Implementation Guide for Business Terminology Repository (BTR) – Draft

The meeting agreed that the MoU/MG should review the three BTR document and provide feedback by end of June 2015 in order for possible further action by the PoC ...

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MoU/MG holds 3rd Town-hall Meeting on Semantic Interoperability

03 December 2014 — The meeting discussed the idea of a central repository for the controlled vocabulary of concepts and its way forward.

  • Characteristics of the repository
  • Requirements for development/operation of proposed repository
  • Operational use of the repository – impact on standards developers
  • Requirements for governance

It was agreed that the PoC team draft a straw man definition of the repository, the operating procedures, the implications for standards groups and the proposed governance should be developed by the end of January 2015, which the MoU/MG ...

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PoC on SI reports back to MoU/MG

02 October 2014 — Mr. Klaus-Dieter Naujok, project leader of the MoU/MG PoC project on semantic interoperability, gave a verbal presentation on the situation of, experiences made by and the results accomplished by the MoU/MG PoC project, along with recommendations and further thoughts.

The POC project explored the technical feasibility and effort required to use the SKOS tool for a controlled vocabulary. Inputs were made by SWIFT on ISO 20022, by ISO/TC 154 on ISO 7372, by UN/CEFACT on CCL, and ...

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MoU/MG PoC on SI holds it first Meeting

31 July 2014 — Under the leadership of Mr. Klaus-Dieter Naujok the MoU/MG Proof of Concept for Semantic Interoperability team held is first meeting.

The team agree to accept Illumonus’ offer to host five separated SKOS system to simulate a federated network consisting of the central system and four domain specific systems for ISO 7372 (UNTDED), ISO 20022 ISO 20022 (Universal financial industry message scheme), UN/CEFACT’s Core Component Library (CCL) and OAGIS Remittance Advice.

The following Work plan was approved:

  • Phase 1 – ...
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MoU/MG holds 2nd Town-hall Meeting on Semantic Interoperability

10 July 2014 — The e-meeting discussed the PoC project, the outcome of the nominations of experts including the project team leadership. The PoC project was launched and consists of the following nominated experts, some were added during the conference call, and of the proposed project team leader, which the meeting all accepted:

Project team leader:

  • Mr. Klaus-Dieter Naujok, ISO/TC 154

Team members:

  • Mr. Kenji Itoh, ISO/TC 154
  • Mr. François Vuilleumier, ISO/TC 154
  • Mr. Jim Northey, ISO/TC 68
  • Mr. David Leal, ISO/TC 184/SC 4
  • Ms. Anne-Francoise Cutting-Decelle, ISO/TC ...
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MoU/MG announces SI-PoC Project

22 May 2014 — Key stakeholders in the MoU/MG recognize that the customer requirement for information standards demands interoperability at the level of business processes, so that the relevant information can be consumed by different applications without intervention by the end user.

Significant components of this information are common across many business processes, so a common definition of such components to which systems can comply or map offers obvious benefits.

Recognizing the various ongoing activities that are already providing solution components, ...

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