PoC on SI reports back to MoU/MG

02 October 2014 — Mr. Klaus-Dieter Naujok, project leader of the MoU/MG PoC project on semantic interoperability, gave a verbal presentation on the situation of, experiences made by and the results accomplished by the MoU/MG PoC project, along with recommendations and further thoughts.

The POC project explored the technical feasibility and effort required to use the SKOS tool for a controlled vocabulary. Inputs were made by SWIFT on ISO 20022, by ISO/TC 154 on ISO 7372, by UN/CEFACT on CCL, and on UPU S42:200, for importing a wide range of terms and deriving a canonical set of terms for the concept of address.

The POC project concluded that Phase 1 of the project proves that it is technically feasible to transfer domain-specific content to SKOS without impacting the existing standard, and that the effort to do so is not high; (i.e. requires only moderate technical ability and working knowledge of the source and target formats.).

A key challenge is the governance structure for continuing a collaborative project across the MoU/MG members.

In recognition of the efforts of the PoC project leader and team members, the MoU/MG approved new Resolution R14/10

The MoU/MG notes with satisfaction the results of the Proof of Concept project on Semantic Interoperability, and offers its sincere thanks to the participants for their efforts and diligence. The project team is invited to distribute the final report to the MoU/MG for review and comment by the end of November 2014, with a teleconference of stakeholders to be held during the first week of December 2014 to address any issues and confirm further actions.