Our Services

As a client-oriented solution provider with a global reach Illumonus™ offers a range of services to enterprises and administrations that provide the information foundation for business applications today and tomorrow. We possess extensive experience and expertise in a breadth of areas including conducting international trade, secure data exchange, and technology solution enabling and delivery. We are not committed to a single solution. Rather our objective is to provide cost-effective, organization- and process-wise stable business solutions that work – proven solutions that are transparent, that enable, and that simplify.

At our core, Illumonus™ solutions are based on using the best of breed, open, public international standards, specifications, and processes combined with using a foundation of open source software delivery systems. Over time we have adopted a series of tenets that form the pragmatic, foundational cornerstones of our approach to business solutions delivery:

  • The primary focus should be on understanding the information foundation and aligning and simplifying that to meet the desired business outcomes.
  • In place information systems represent both the challenge and the opportunity. Without real tangible business and financial incentive, enterprises are not likely to make substantial investments to alter these decisions.
  • Modern information systems have an increasingly short life-cycle replacement as innovation and change accelerates. The need to refresh occurs now every five years instead of ten previously.
  • Building with established and proven neutral information foundations and software methods both protects future applications and provides the ability to transition quickly and easily to adapt.

The pervasive use of the Internet and mobile enabled devices are completely reinventing the landscape of international business, financials and trade today. Even for the most seasoned and experienced organization, extending your business information profile can be a daunting proposition. For those just beginning it can seem almost impossible. Illumonus™ understands the issues and intricacies of the decision, and is well positioned to support the interests of all – from transitioning emerging economies to developing economies to advanced economies. We are ever mindful of improving transparency and in doing so offer the following services:

  • Our LinguMatic™ Services enable semantic interoperability between business information systems. The interconnection of heterogeneous computer applications with business information raises the issue of semantic interoperability, going beyond traditional approaches of terminological standardization in basically three aspects:
    • First, the variety of digital business vocabularies that currently coexist in different domains is a major barrier for the integration of autonomously developed applications.
    • Second, the exchanged data need to be processed by a machine for different purposes like supply chain data integration, forms, mobile devices, cloud services with access to literature and knowledge bases as well as audits and research. Digital business vocabularies provided as passive dictionaries are no longer sufficient. Software system developers should take advantage of terminological services for refining user queries, for mapping the user’s terms to appropriate domain specific vocabularies etc.
    • Third, the services should be accessible uniformly and transparently with open source and access points and methods.

    Illumonus’ LinguMatic™ Service provides a standardized interface for querying and accessing digital business terminology common to a variety of specific domains.

  • Combining with this is our Content Assembly Services. Illumonus’ sees is the need to create a “single view of the truth” across the application delivery team that includes the process data, component information rules, service bindings, and then forms and reports generation, all from the single set of coherent semantics. Defined as templates that map to user and systems interaction needs. These integrate back with the semantic LinguMatic™ service to provide a consistent global view with reusable, proven and shareable component sets.
  • To complete our services Illumonus offers Business Process and Information Modeling Services with a distinct approach to assisting our clients throughout the entire process, from initial requirements to working application solutions. This is particularly compelling for enterprises looking to drive business process adoption across partner organizations along with providing the support for building actual working systems. Because rapid and agile development is enabled this allows stakeholders to achieve buy-in by showing immediate results without long expensive development efforts.

Our staff comes from diverse professional and cultural backgrounds. With offices in San Francisco, Washington, Brussels, Lausanne, Marseille and Tokyo, we have hands-on experience in government, corporate, and research environments This combination of broad perspective, analytical skill, and service-oriented mission enables Illumonus™ to offer practical solutions allowing managers to make decisions that attain their objectives.

Our value to you—implementable actions, expected results, a clear sense of direction, positioning to better realize and seize opportunities, and measurable performance.

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