Business Process and Information Modeling Services (BPIMS)

Illumonus’ BPIMS provides a complete offering including business process capture and optimization through to defining the matching information needed to drive individual process steps and end-to-end operations. Our BPIMS team has decades of experience in understanding and optimizing process operations within business enterprises, across partners, and then internationally.


Business process models define how business processes are described and represented in computer processable terms. These models provide the “verbs” of electronic business. The formal specification of business processes enables the integration of business processes both within an enterprise and between enterprises. Common patterns can be recognized and then reused.

Formalizing business processes facilitates collaboration with partners. While business practices vary from one organization to another, most activities can be decomposed into business processes that are more generic to a specific type of business. Associated with these reusable process patterns are business information components. These common components then form meta models that can be aligned and standardized between partners.

Business Process and Information Meta Model

Illumonus’ Business Modeling Methodology (BMM) and meta models are mechanisms that enable capturing of the details for a specific business scenario using a consistent and predictable modeling methodology. A business process model describes in detail how business partners take on roles, relationships and responsibilities to facilitate interaction with other business partners in shared collaborations. The interaction between roles takes place as a choreographed set of business transactions, tasks, notifications and message exchanges. Each business transaction is expressed as an exchange of electronic Business Documents. Our BPIMS experts will identify, clarify and optimize these to ensure smooth, efficient and simpler business operations result. The resulting Business Document definitions are the keys to ensure accurate and predictable service operations.

Notice that Business Documents may be composed from re-usable Business Information Objects. At a lower level, Business Processes can be composed of re-usable Core Processes, and Business Information Objects can be composed of re-usable Core Components.

The BMM Meta Model supports a set of business process viewpoints that provide a set of semantics (vocabulary) for each viewpoint and forms the basis of specification of the artifacts that are recommended to facilitate Business Process and information integration and interoperability both internally and externally.

Our approach contrasts with typical “design by committee” information collaboration methods. We strive to ensure optimal information patterns for business processes. Too often committee efforts result in extended meta models and component sets. Business process context is ignored in favor of developing voluminous component sets covering every contingency. The result forces implementers to then sift through all these components each time to determine which are relevant to their specific context and need. Reuse is impaired and extensions and workarounds common. The Illumonus approach avoids these pitfalls and provides optimized outcomes that simplify and empower business relationships.