LinguMatic™ Services

Semantic Interoperability amongst eBuisness information systems is essential in enabling businesses and organizations to provide advanced products/services to their customers/clients. In order to address the aspects of the semantic challenges, businesses and organizations need to equip themselves with semantic tools such as ontologies, thesauri and other Knowledge Organizational System able to represent contents of their data to be rendered in a more human understandable way and more easily machine-processable. Currently these implementations, if at all existing, are based on proprietary semantic tools, of different level, degree and granularity.

Generally speaking mapping semantic resources has positive results as it allows businesses and organizations to implement interoperable services without changing legacy systems. More specifically this methodological approach provides a framework that can be adapted to different scenarios with the aim to share experiences and make comparisons. Benefits can be derived for both businesses and users: the former can increase their efficiency and promptness in providing services to customers; the latter can access services, overcoming language and cultural barriers.

LinguMatic™ services are about the processing and classifying of data and information in their flow, exchange and access, making them available in a cross-border dimension and independently from the specific approach as well as from user background.

LinguMatic™ services help in establishing semantic interoperability between classification systems, a crucial step in linking domain specific services.

LinguMatic™ services center around the interoperability amongst a central and domain specific thesauri for promoting cross-collection and cross-language information retrieval.

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