Welcome to Illumonus™

Illumonus™ —providing superior services and solutions, enabling organizations to conduct electronic business effectively and efficiently.

We see a future in which all enterprises have the opportunity to conduct secure and reliable digital business transactions as simply as exchanging email. We see an environment accessible to all business people. We believe today’s robust communications technology permits users to easily track and manage their business transactions. Our focus is on providing knowledge, insights, skills, and support to our clients.

We help you meet customer expectations by providing smarter choices and faster responses. We allow you to treat partners as partners by providing an environment for establishing long-term relationships and broadly shared information. We know the business and legal implications associated with trade data. And, we provide the means for enhancing customer service and order placement/processing. Our value to you—Sustainable Relationships and Competitive Advantages.


International economic turbulence, the pursuit of globalization, the inevitable acceleration of new information technologies—these and other factors are driving enterprises and governments to look for solutions that provide efficient, seamless, transparent, integrated eBusiness solutions for the flow of critical business information. These are the moments for which Illumonus™ was created.

Experience a new, simplified way of thinking that meets your operating objectives while minimizing investment and the upheaval of system integration. Achieve a successful eBusiness venture that brings new levels of success to your organization.

Unlock your potential for value and growth. Capitalize on your opportunities for success. Set the foundation for short-term agility and long-term growth. Let us discuss how semantic interoperability will allow you expand your global business trading capabilities.

Our Focus

Enterprises and administrations want simple, easy-to-use, and flexible solutions. Complexity however continues to be pervasive and systemic. At Illumonus we focus on simple, intuitive solutions that unambiguously integrate easily with existing technology and application solutions while emphasizing standardization to enable interoperability.

We know the inhibitors to interoperability and how to avoid them. We provide a broad spectrum of high quality skills and experience covering business and semantic analysis, information and communications technology, business modeling methodologies, data analysis and standardization.

The bottom line, Illumonus™ is a client-oriented solution provider with a global reach, providing enduring value that makes a difference. Our commitment is to provide knowledge, insight, skills, and support that create a partnership and bring objectivity, transparency, reliability, results, and superior value to every initiative. Thus, our maxim—Clarity, Simplicity, Interoperability.

Emphasis on Semantic Analytical Services

Interoperability is one of the most overused words in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) world. Yet, everyone wants it. International interoperability is even harder—requiring the integration of organizational, legal, technical, and semantic elements. Yet it is the foundations for free and efficient trade across borders.

The biggest challenges to interoperability in both the public and private sectors are at the strategic and semantic levels. But the really difficult area, requiring global knowledge and quality resources, is at the semantic level. The critical issue is that if semantic data is interpreted differently, computerized collaboration is extremely limited.

Many entities have not yet faced up to these issues or, mistakenly, have felt that the arrival of XML systems and schemas will solve the problem. That is not the case.

Illumonus™’ services address these issues offering public and private entities high quality solutions based on years of experience in designing modern agile business information exchange systems.